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Inside OpenFlow

A site dedicated to the rapid adoption and deployment of OpenFlow. Code, development tools, educational emphasis, and realistic test network infrastructure, All Open Source under the MIT license.

Code, code and more code

Inside OpenFlow is dedicated to providing a broad array of code examples showing how networking task are implemented with OpenFlow technology. Over time, we will have code modules that will be valuable to SDN engineers from beginners to experts. This is a new technology and only working code can communicate how it is used.

One Code Base for Low and High End switches

Inside OpenFlow code is developed and tested to work across the range of OpenFlow switches. The software based Open vSwitch with OpenFlow extensions is the low-end switch. The Network Processes based NoviFlow switches are the high-end. Thus, OpenFlow Application code researched and devoted on inexpensive Open Source software switches can be deployed on line-rate, huge flow table silicon based switches.

Realistic Network Models

Inside OpenFlow uses MiniNet as the development and test environment. MiniNet can support network models with hundreds of switches and user nodes. Inside OpenFlow will use MiniNet to craft a realistic network for each of the code examples. This will also be the test bed for each of the code examples.

Open Source Code and Tools

Inside OpenFlow is committed to providing Application code examples, crafting network models, and selecting development and test tools that are Open Source. We will make access to the new OpenFlow technology to require only a single PC – for entry level introduction and for sophisticated development and testing. We expect the deployment of OpenFlow applications to be on commercial switches. However, they will run the code developed in this Open Source infrastructure.

Real World Problems

  • L2 domain
  • L3 routers
  • Edge gateways

SDN Algorithms

  • ACL / Firewall
  • Load balancing
  • Shortest Path
  • Topology Discovery

Support for all Major Controllers

  • Ryu
  • ONOS
  • Open Daylight

NoviFlow Sponsorship

Inside OpenFlow thanks NoviFlow for their sponsorship and for making available high-end, line-rate OpenFlow switches to test against. This allows us to execute on our core mission of OpenFlow application code that performs on a full range of switches from low-end software based OpenFlow switches to high-end silicon based line-rate switches. This will also enable Inside OpenFlow to benchmark the performance and flow rule capacity of both switch types.

Key Contributors

Leo Scott

Leo Scott

CTO and Lead Developer for Inside OpenFlow

With over two decades of experience across dozens of programming languages and development platforms, Leo provides expertise in rapid prototyping and development of complex data-driven client and server applications with clear separation of concerns while also building internal tools for Big Data analysis, DevOps, and automation. He also brings prior experience working for and with several manufacturers in Northern Nevada. Outside work, he enjoys volunteering, experimenting with 3D printing, hardware hacking, and making things in general.

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