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Reference Material and Documentation for OpenFlow
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Dissecting Faucet Security

Some of Faucet’s little-advertised features can have quite a large positive impact for your network security. In this tutorial, we will be covering Faucet’s security features with a large emphasis on ACLs and how they can be used to better protect your network.

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Dissecting the Faucet v1.1 Pipeline

Recently, we saw the release of Faucet v1.1, which included many new features including multi-datapath support for a single controller instance. It’s time to take a deep dive into the inner workings of Faucet and explore just what makes this controller app tick. I hope you will enjoy this article and find it informative. I know I learned a lot writing it!

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I’ve Got a Ton of Tutorials. Now What?

It might seem odd to require a tutorial on how to follow tutorials and you would be right. However, there is just so much information available just on getting started with OpenFlow in different environments. Learning the concept of SDN, and OpenFlow specifically, requires viewing it from as many angles as possible, but let’s try to avoid the common sections.

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